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Talk therapy and addiction treatment services we offer include –

  • IOP – Intensive Outpatient Program: Have a substance abuse problem?  We’re here to help you!  An Intensive Outpatient Program is a seamless blend of outpatient services and a less intensive residential rehab that makes getting care with less hassle.
  • Mood Disorders: Anxiety can feel debilitating. You may feel stressed, nervous, or worried. You may get knots in your stomach or tightness in your chest when thinking about certain situations you have to face. You may worry about how others are going to think of you or judge you.
  • Depression: Everyone experiences sadness from time to time. However, if you notice your sadness seems to last longer than you’d like, feels worse than before, or is interfering with your ability to live your life to its fullest, you may be experiencing depression.
  • Individuals: Have you been feeling lonely or disconnected from others? Do you struggle with knowing how to build intimate connections or make new friends?
  • Couples Counseling: Even if you are in a romantic relationship, you may still feel isolated, misunderstood, or stifled. Some people struggle with knowing how to express what they are feeling to their loved ones.
  • Family Counseling: If you have been experiencing a disconnect in your relationships with family, friends, or partners, therapy can help.

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